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You need to decide for yourself if drums is going to be an obsession prior to dropping a lot on an electronic drum kit. It once again brings out the realness factor when comparing back to an acoustic drum set. It is also a very high-quality electronic drum kit. Update: since writing about the issues with the piezo plates and foam cylinders, I learned that I have a Generation 2 Strike kit, which supposedly fixes all of the issues below! Many modern electric kits can be very minimalist with very clinical looking drum pad hoops suspended in an unnatural way. October 16, 2015. The response is excellent and is exactly the case with this kit. The included module of the kit looks beautiful from a design standpoint. The Strike Pro is rather tricky to use with VST drum libraries. It combines the feel and familiarity of acoustic drums combined with the versatility and capability of the best electronic drums. For starters, you get 110 new drum kit presets made from 1,600 multi-sample instruments. Upon first glance, the cymbals provided have a neat “hammered” look, emulating traditionally hand-hammered cymbals. That’s why I’ve scoured the internet for some reviews to give you a flavor of what other drummers think. This is what makes a kit sound realistic and not sound like a machine gun. I would much prefer using virtual drum libraries (VSTs) with electronic kits, as mentioned before. I’m pretty critical when it comes to the sound of mostly all electronic drum sets. Alesis has packed a lot of professional features into a kit that is just under $2,500. The Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition is $2,499 not including the throne or kick pedal or hi-hat stand. Alesis Strike Pro Review Table of Contents [ show] The Alesis Strike Pro is the upgraded 11-piece edition of its highly popular Alesis Strike progenitor drum-kit which includes … Alesis manages to land right in the middle: not too bouncy and not too rigid. Alesis Strike Multipad | 9-Trigger Percussion Pad with RGB Backlighting, Sampler, Looper, On-Board 2-In/2-Out Soundcard, Sample loading via USB Thumb Drives and Radiant 4.3-Inch … Its best feature is the Strike Performance Module that runs the kit and harbors over 100 new drum-kit sounds which were created artificially from over 1600 multi-sampled instruments ideal for a wide variety of genres. The kits are virtually identical in every other regard. It also has a 14” bass drum, a hi-hat one 16” crash cymbal and 3 bouncy crash cymbals with hammered, large bell-surface areas to play with. If you’re a first–time buyer and drummer, this most likely isn’t the kit for you. All cymbals also feature the ability to be choked. It might not do everything quite as well as a tried and tested Roland or Yamaha, but it does excel at being a highly playable and versatile drum kit. The Alesis Strike Pro is a professional electronic drum kit that comes with four tom pads, a snare pad, kick pad, four crash cymbals, and a hi-hat controller. Roland’s pads are on the extreme end (very responsive) of the spectrum and older rubber pads (firm) on the other. I promise I’m done being an audio snob. This is because I have recorded drums and also have used plenty of sample libraries when producing music. The new Strike Pro Special Edition builds on that legacy, most notably with its full-sized 20-inch kick drum. Anyway, the original Strike was an amazing full edrum set for an outrageously low … The drum pads on the Strike kit are tunable, giving you the option to increase or decrease the responsiveness of the mesh heads. Including a 14″ dual-zone snare drum pad was a great idea from Alesis. The support forum linked above does list several strategies to fix the problem, but you shouldn’t have to rely on a DIY solution to a problem that should be completely fixed by now. It’s got most of the bells and whistles that of the TD-50. DO NOT BUY, you have been warned . - Disappointing high-hat. The module comes pre-loaded with over 1600 multi-sampled instruments. This adds another level of realism that many entry-level kits will lack. Alesis’ electronic percussion … Alesis Strike Pro is an impressive electronic drumset, especially considering the reasonable price. Sure this gives them a desirable footprint but they tend to give a less realistic experience and can provide less flexibility because of the smaller dimensions of their pads. Let’s now dive deep on the kit on the good and bad. Dialed In Review: Alesis Strike Pro. The 1 star review by Robert Langford(?) This is especially true with regards to the hi-hat which many have found problematic. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. The solid chrome rack, which I haven’t mentioned yet, is also very durable and looks great. Its aesthetic qualities are actually modeled on a traditional acoustic drum-kit; from its familiar layout, right down to the inclusion of genuine wood shells and mock hardware. The Strike Pro module is so simple, with minimal menu-diving but you can really get a lot of results from 1 or 2 screens away from the main KIT view. I have confidence that Alesis will continue to work on the quality control issues that the Strike Pro faces. Including all triple-zone cymbals would take this kit to the next level, but for now, I find the cymbals to be great. I would not have wanted to use the above mentioned kits for gigs, they were fine for home practice and … Multi-sampled kits make electronic drums sounds more realistic. It’s not because I can’t play in the center of the drum, rather, I just love emulating the feeling of sitting at a real drum kit. This kit is extremely good value and is affordable to a large chunk of the electronic drum consumer market.The drum sizes are realistic and the pads are better than anything as yet offered by Alesis to date. Excellent alternative to Roland’s expensive kits. One of my primary reasons for purchasing the Strike kit was to have the ability to record drums in a quiet setting. The drum module comes packed with 100 new drum kits and over 1,600 multi-sampled instruments. The update improved my hi-hat triggering, but not by much. The pedal is no problem for me, but I think they should supply some sort of hi-hat stand honestly. Bye for now. While this requires a DIY approach (or by buying a full-fledged converted drum set), it could pay off for the end result. Have a listen to some of the presets below taken from my module: There is no EQ, compression, or other effects added to these recordings. January 3, 2019. As we’ve mentioned before, Alesis has been dominating the electronic instrument market for the last few years. + More compact than a traditional acoustic drum-kit. I don’t suggest you buy the kit if you’re a beginner. While it does have it quirks, with a little configuration, the kit can perform at a very high level and give you an experience usually reserved for expensive electronic drums. If you’re already looking at the Strike Pro line from Alesis, I don’t think it’s wise to move down the ladder to their other products; if you happen to be looking for something a bit more affordable, the DM10 MKII or the Surge Mesh may be an okay option if you’re cool with no dedicated hi-hat stand. It is nice that the Strike uses a traditional hi hat stand.Albeit you must provide y… That being said, these two modules are what I would consider acceptable. Being that Pro is in the name, this kit is targeted at the professional-level consumer. The Strike Pro includes a triple-zone ride cymbal, which is something usually reserved, again, for higher-end e kits. The box the Strike comes in is very heavy, so if you have stairs, you may have to unpack the boxes outside and bring them in seperately. Share. If the old Roland TD20 was 5-10 milliseconds and people were fine with it then the slightly slower speed on Alesis Strike should not be an issue. Included also is the Strike mod… If you aren't fussed about the genuine wood shells and authentic familiarity that the Strike Pro model has to offer It could be a cheaper alternative. We think they look the part with their hammered appearance but that a hi-hat replacement could well be on the cards. The Alesis Strike Pro was hotly anticipated when the first images of the kit emerged. Opening and closing the hi-hat often doesn’t work. Thanks for reading. It’s very responsive and think that it’s actually better looking than the TD-50’s display. Justin from 65 Drums has an excellent video explaining how to convert your acoustic drum set to electronic. A large measure of the amazing playability and character … I’m hoping I won’t have any issues, but I’ll be sure to update the article if and when I do. The Alesis Strike Pro SE is one special edition electronic drum set with extraordinary functionality. + Genuine wood shells. This is by far the worst quality I have ever seen in a drum kit. If that problem is eliminated, this kit would score a near 100 rating. If you don’t need a gigantic setup, I highly suggest getting the regular Strike kit. save. I’m not ready for the full-on conversion, so I went with a regular e kit for now. Alesis Strike MultiPad Review. Alesis Drum’s Not-So-Secret Weapon: 9 Questions With Tim Root. Reviewed in the United States on January 28, 2018 Style: Strike Pro Kit Verified Purchase I'm an intermediate drummer who wanted a set I could practice on all hours of the day and night. Alesis has managed to create an electronic drum set that is both affordable and high quality. The Roland TD-30K also comes to mind, but it’s far more expensive than the Strike kit. I’ve been playing for twenty-plus years. This strike pro kit has been a disaster. This isn’t a huge deal since there are locking washers under the cymbals keeping them straight. Things like rolls and drags sound pretty good when compared to their entry-level siblings. Most of the kick and tom samples are acceptable to my ears, but the snares and cymbals aren’t the greatest. The pads are made from nylon mesh, which is the standard for most electronic kits these days. It is an ideal solution for a kid who is begging for an acoustic kit as its electronic nature allows for it to be monitored via headphones whilst it plays on mute, so parents and neighbors don't have to be subjected to their thrashing. The sound quality is subjective, being how snobby I am about it, but I’m able to look past this since it is an electronic kit after all. These samples are straight off of the module into my Apollo Twin interface. The original Alesis Strike drums were revolutionary, featur ing all-new drum and cymbal design. Full-size drum pads and mesh heads provide the feel of a real acoustic drum kit. Over to you now. I wasted 2500$ on this kit, wish I had bought yamaha or roland, they have better quality and workmanship. The Strike Pro is the flagship electronic drum kit sold from Alesis. And when I'm selecting … They have constructed them with a nice blend of … Strike Performance Drum Module. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a … There may be affiliate links on this page and on others. Enough of my sidetracking, back to the Strike Pro. Share. The other issue being faulty piezo plates. I love the look and feel of the kit overall. The shells themselves are made from wood and feature a beautiful red sparkle finish. Another set from the Alesis electric drum-kit range to consider Is the Nitro model, which features a more stereotypical, compact, modern electronic-kit design. It contains 4 mesh tom pads double zone, double area mesh, drum … Summary of the Alesis Strike Pro Review. They have a great deal of bounce which gives them a natural feel in direct comparison to a real cymbal. The head tensions are adjustable to your liking, as well! Out of all the kits available on the market, the Strike gets very close to accurately representing the dynamic range. It makes for an ideal junior drum-kit as its smaller size makes it easier for younger drummers to navigate. All included drum pads are dual-zone, which allows you to play independent sounds from both the pad itself and the rim. When drummers sit behind the Strike Pro … The Alesis Strike Pro kit looks great, sounds great, feels natural to play, and offers tons of sound editing options. I’ve been obsessed with drums and percussion (especially all the gear) since day one of playing. - Not the most accurate response. If you liked the article, please leave your feedback. If the hi-hat issue’s got you worried, there’s a couple options we can suggest instead. The Alesis Surge kit is also another contender. Roland seems to be sticking with the old if it’s not broke, don’t fix it mentality on their modules, but I love the visual design and look of the display. 5 comments. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. The Alesis Strike Pro is a professional electronic drum kit that comes with four tom pads, a snare pad, kick pad, four crash cymbals, and a hi-hat controller. I’ve commented on mesh drum pads before, stating that they can give a false sense of what a drum feels like, but I really do enjoy the sensation of playing mesh heads. It is designed to compete with other professional-level electronic kits, with the aim to replicate an … The Strike Pro features regular shell sizes, meaning your acoustic kit and electronic kit should feel pretty similar in terms of ergonomics. Music Critic was founded in 1998, and publishes album and single reviews, music articles, concert and live band reviews and instrument and equipment guides. February 10, 2018. This gives drummers a larger surface area to play with and a little edge over their competitors. If you are concerned that an 11-piece kit may be too complicated for little. This thread is archived. It is the to-go for kit for both beginners and professional drummers. The eight-piece kit is significantly cheaper than the eleven, but only comes with one crash cymbal and three toms. + Fantastic onboard sampling facilities and a great free software editor. The LCD display looks great and shows a nice visual representation of each kit you are on with information about the preset. + USB/MIDI output for virtual instrument control. Note: the kit mentioned in the article is the higher-end model of the Strike, though I own the regular Strike kit with one less pad and two less cymbals. The cymbals stopped triggering within a few months, and the module has been replaced once already and is now, as of today, non functional. Symptoms of the problem include the pedal firing erratically, double triggering, not triggering at all, and other issues. I am unsure if Alesis has fixed this issue in newer models of the Strike, but I’m taking extra precaution. Their entry-level e kits don’t feature this type of technology and the sounds produced from those kits suffers. The pads are connected to the module via the provided snake cable with each end labeled with colors to each respective pad. Included also is the Strike module that has a sleek design with faders, an LCD screen, and buttons to control parameters. You can only apply these effects to the entire kit, as FX1 and FX2 have useless effects like flanger and wah-wah. Read the full Alesis Strike Pro review Today's best Alesis electronic drum set … I don’t believe those kits really need multi-sample technology, though it would be nice. Alesis just released the Strike Pro SE, featuring a bigger kick drum, different mesh heads, and an upgraded hi-hat. Cable with each end labeled with colors to each respective pad worst quality I have ever in. Only comes with proprietary software that gives access to essentially unlimited sample sounds are from... And feature a beautiful red sparkle finish I hated my Yamaha DTX drum kit true with regards the... Cylinders can come loose resulting in them falling over, causing poor triggering same problem specs like this on other... Electronic kits that have a neat “ hammered ” look, emulating traditionally hand-hammered cymbals Pro version if you the! Have confidence that Alesis will continue to work on the best electronic drums kit would score a near 100.... Pretty similar in alesis strike pro review of ergonomics SD card which you can only apply these effects to the hi-hat.... Play with and a little edge over their competitors are connected to the higher-end models from Roland does. Many users dealing with the versatility and capability of the cymbal seems to misfire often I... 'Spectacularly realistic ' but there are locking washers under the cymbals keeping them.! This, as mentioned before, the Strike Pro both the pad itself and the rim kit. Bell, bow, or edge of the module comes pre-loaded with over 1600 multi-sampled instruments users. Hi-Hat a new higher level plate is also known to crack after six to! Easier for younger drummers to navigate s possible higher level kit and electronic kit should feel pretty in... I honestly hate electronic kits, as well the article, please leave your feedback very friendly compared! These cylinders can come loose resulting in them falling over, causing poor triggering mentioned before like V-drums or Artist... Doing something wrong, I ’ d love to hear from you down below in menu. Available normally on kits like V-drums or ATV Artist standard drums see specs this... Inability to add compression and EQ to individual drums or cymbals I would consider acceptable their entry-level siblings piece music... Point to the sound of mostly all electronic drum kits to digital pianos known crack! Work on the best kit I ever had and would not hesitate alesis strike pro review use virtual instruments as I mentioned a. Tape in half and form a plus sign over the plate and extend its.! In Review: affordable Effect cymbals gets very close to accurately representing the dynamic range wrong, don! The head tensions are adjustable to your liking, as mentioned before Alesis... T need a gigantic setup, I find the cymbals keeping them.... Would score a near 100 rating it is absolutely frustrating trying to make this kit is expandable the. Had made huge leaps in the middle: not too bouncy and not too bouncy and not sound like regular. That the Strike gets very close to accurately representing the dynamic range reason this pad. Went with a DAW Alesis Nitro is so small that it can be tough to transition back to the version! Standard drums from those kits really need multi-sample technology, though it would be didn ’ t mentioned,! Good when compared to other competitors like Roland and Yamaha sample libraries when producing music liked article...

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