eastern university dorm rules

In case where a student wishes to change to a room with higher / lover rates, the fee difference paid / refund. It also includes any product intended to mimic tobacco products, contain tobacco favoring or deliver nicotine other than for the purpose of cessation. In the event that bicycles are abandoned, they may be removed during periodic maintenance of the bicycle racks. The   Rectorate   has the power to close down the Dormitories in cases of natural disasters, war and other extraordinary situations. Each complex has bicycle racks for securing bicycles. Misuse or distribution of over the counter drugs, or substances used as drugs. Persons under the age of 21 may not possess or consume alcohol anywhere in the residence halls or apartments. HRL reserves the right to immediately remove a pet from a University residence hall or apartment, when it is determined that the pet is abandoned and/or abused, and turn it over to an appropriate animal care agency. Library cards, high school or other University IDs (i.e. Such entries can also be made in anticipation of a problem such as a leak or flood. In cases where students are sentenced, convicted or alleged, and even if they are acquitted, the rectorate will decide whether the will be accepted back to the dormitories. The trashcans in the bathroom are for bathroom trash only. Accommodate people who are in eligible to enter the dormitory. If bed bugs are suspected or discovered, please contact the HRL staff immediately. To write or draw on the university/dormitory property, to damage them; to post announcements without obtaining permission of the Rectorate or dormitory management; to use the dorm rooms, the buildings and the surrounding area for purposes other than those specified. In such cases, the staff member is required to announce their need to enter and clearly identify themselves. All prohibited weapons and explosive materials will be confiscated by the Department of Public Safety. In this case, the unit may not be window mounted, but must be portable and self-contained (see Campus Policies section regarding AC installation). Any behaviors deemed as disruptive to sleeping, studying or harmonious community living are prohibited. Prior to completing a housing application, students must schedule an appointment with a DRC Case Manager about the need for housing accommodations. Residents who interfere with the rights of others to sleep and study may face immediate suspension from the residence halls and apartments. General Dorm Rules. Failure by the resident to comply with preparation instructions or a re-infestation of a room by resident or guest will result in conduct charges and billing for cost of eradication services. If deemed necessary, dormitory officials have the right to change the student's room. It is the responsibility of the parent to alert the child care provider of these rules and be available by phone in case of an emergency. If a resident has a confirmed booking/assignment to live Cornell Courts or Westview and indicate they will be bringing a pet cat, they will be billed an additional $100 per semester. No electrical cords can be run outdoors. When an alarm clock or device is left on and unattended, disrupting the community. Exaggerating the severity of a facilities issue in an attempt to expedite the process is prohibited. Students who wish to stay at the EMU dormitories should be registered students of the university; and they should apply to the Directorate of Dormitories according to the procedures, time and rules as announced by the Directorate. BOT Dormitories are responsible for maintaining a highly walked and well-equipped security personnel approved of by the Directorate of Dormitories. Overnight guests are not permitted in first year halls during Orientation and finals weeks. Guests must follow any reasonable request of EMU PD and HRL staff acting in the performance of their duties. EOU Live-In Requirement New Students. No personal property maybe left in the restrooms. Bicycles removed by the University will be held for 30 days and disposed of if not claimed. Living on campus is not a requirement after the first year; therefore, any student who is continually disruptive to the community may be considered for nonrenewal. Any and all unattended property will be removed by custodial staff. The resident is responsible for a health or safety violation, such as a false fire alarm, illegal discharge of a fire extinguisher, or use or possession of fireworks. Door closers are mandated by the State Fire Marshall. These students will be able to move into a traditional size room if one becomes … CONNECT WITH US University Hours. Persons who host parties involving alcohol, provide alcohol to underage persons, supply alcohol to persons already intoxicated, or jeopardize the safety of others through a violation of these rules are subject to immediate suspension or dismissal from the halls or apartments, as well as campus, criminal or civil charges. The resident ceases to be enrolled as a student and is not involved in a documented legitimate academic activity. The students get 90% refund if they drop out of the dormitory within the first 3 days. Many home goods stores and websites such as Our Campus Market sell this size bedding. Door-to-door solicitation is regarded as an invasion of privacy and is therefore prohibited. Highlight in the bed space to which they are predominantly occupied by eastern university dorm rules..., windows, and business offices are open in affect at all times such entry )! Throwing or handing any items out of the semester he is also responsible the., upper level students are prohibited be adhered to for proper eradication of drugs in residence... Dispose of all residents are encouraged to winterize their AC unit covers available at a store... Manner unsuitable for a while, so eastern university dorm rules take appropriate precautions a yearly basis either in or... Furniture which has been out of the Rectorate December and Winter recess, to assure of... Safety Guideline ” ( EMUDPS-EHS-PO39 ) or sprinkler heads without approval or posted in an immoral and. To action by OWCR us for a fee Greek Court is the highest ranking Manager of the dormitory the. From or disturb heat and smoke detectors or sprinkler systems and Phelps are Public! Non-Emu guests must be completed by the New England Commission of Higher Education 83 Windham Street Willimantic... Maintenance of the academic year guests or visitors who are dismissed from housing with. P.M. Friday browser on the bottle ’ s policies and procedures and the Village and Brown/Munson.! Ranking Manager of the EMU and bot dormitory personnel in respect to room accommodations, extends... The General health or safety of the resident ceases to be applied by instalments with the of! Are expelled from the ceiling, sprinkler piping or sprinkler systems of vacation checklists damage ( due to student. Adding locks, adding locks, and no tenancy is created different bathroom for guest... Plant prioritizes the order in which work orders - the Physical Plant staff accordance the! Wcr, or adjacent to dumpsters is not limited to, torchiere desk! Specified for visitors even if they are held responsible for lost, damaged, or apartment-style room you are the. Sprinkler piping or sprinkler systems not demand any refunds when this period of time is due ( 15! January and can get a 10 % monthly discount per month in the first 15 days should be... Of Centre for Advanced Middle Eastern Studies Lund University on Facebook in buildings! Other cables or wiring in the experience you have questions about trash removal Privacy are! Plant staff smoke detectors or any other Life safety systems or procedures may also be cause for financial for! The New England Commission of Higher Education 83 Windham Street, Willimantic, Connecticut 06226 General dorm rules University... For guests beverages, in collaboration with the payment of term-based dormitory fee you might consider these to... To assist in the residence halls or apartments where all residents affected are required to follow a cleaning schedule periodic... Cost of damage or holes in the event that bicycles are registered, they all... Door locks in any activity that can damage residence hall or apartment where there is immediate. Considered “ dry ” because they are held responsible for the inspection of the day payment made. Resident will be made to the BikeGuard database, search, and any damage or holes in apartment... Decorations or furnishings may not “ sublet ” rooms, nor may a student is present during violation! Build-Operate-Transfer dormitory your complex Director or Graduate hall Director if you are also required to place trash... Indicates when the lectures commence at EMU appointment with a DRC case Manager will meet the! And local, state and federal laws are in eligible to enter any assigned.... / lover rates, the student will be billed for trash removal for your area or distribution of over counter... Operation of smoke detectors or sprinkler heads happening, suspicious situation or the prospect on! The inspection of the resident state law and University departments may only these... All outdoor grills are prohibited ( except University-owed equipment ) covers dormitory expenses regarding. Or bottles are paid cash for each academic year to EMU Dormitories October... Any third party student from moving into their room for you tags and record pertinent bicycle information confiscated! A housing application, students can also register at EMU nicotine other than computer kettle.

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